About Us

The Humboldt Institute of Marine and Aquaculture Research (IHMA) is a non profit civil organization created to develop and support basic and applied marine and aquaculture research to contribute to the development of the Peruvian fishery sector both in the sea and continental sites.

The name of the IHMA honores the memory of the legendary German researcher Alexander Von Humboldt, and makes reference to the Large Marine Ecosystem that holds his name. The symbol of IHMA is a Humboldt penguin (Sphenicus humboldtii), which is an iconic especies od the sout east Pacific along the coasts of Peru and Chile.


To develop scientific and technical research to contribute to diversify the Peruvian fishery production and support the sustainable development of the economic activities that depend on the sea, lakes and rivers of Peru.


To partcipate in the research linked to the objective of assuring resilient aquatic ecosystems, which should be able to sustain durable diversified productive activities to generate human welbeing as the result of the practical implementation of the Ecosistem Approach to Management.


Responsability, transparency, honesty.

Directive board

  • Sr. Ricardo Bernales Parodi, President
  • Sr. Humberto Speziani Cueva, Vicepresident
  • Dra. Josefina Takahashi Sato, member
  • Dr. Marco Espino Sánchez, member
  • Dr. Luis Icochea Salas, member
  • Dr. Francisco Miranda Avalos, member
  • Dr. Mariano Gutiérrez Torero, Scientific Director

Scientific Commitee

  • Dr. Francois Gerlotto, IRD, France
  • Dr. Gary Melvin, DFO, Canada
  • Dr. Ray Hilborn, UoW, USA
  • Dr. Rocio Joo, University of Florida, USA
  • Dr. Niels Hintzen, IMARES, The Netherlands
  • Dr. Lauro Madureira, FURG, Brazil
  • Dr. Mariano Gutierrez, Secretary of the Commitee